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Breeder and owner of Northern Inuit Dogs in
The North East Cairngorms, Scotland


Welcome to

Valkyrie Northern Inuits and Wolfalikes! 

In 2023, the Valkyrie Northern Inuits and Wolfalikes moved from Cambridge to the North East Cairngorms National Park in Scotland. 

Our kennel is small and we only breed when our waiting list is full or when we want to keep a puppy from a specific mating.


Our dogs are our beloved pets and the focus of our lives. We enjoy engaging in a variety of activities with them, such as Cani cross, skijoring, hiking, dog parkour, and trick training.


If you have any questions about our dogs or the breed, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are always available to answer any inquiries you may have.


Planned Litters!

We have opened our waiting list for 2024!
We are currently planning a mating with TESLA in early 2024.


About the dogs

All the dogs in the Valkyrie Pack got their own page where you can read more about them.


What is a Northern Inuit?

What are the Northern Inuit and the Wolfalike-type dog?


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