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Tesla 2024

We will mate Tesla in early 2024 with Mahlek Voodoo Child at Stormswift.

There are spaces left for this litter, and if you would like to be considered for a puppy, please join our waiting list.


This will be Tesla's last litter before she will enjoy the rest of her life in retirement.

About Taro


Mahlek Voodoo Child at Stormswift

Born: 2017
Hips: 4-9
Elbows: 0 - 0
Eyes: Clear
Gonioscopy: 0
DM: Clear
OSD3: Clear
Embark Tested

Sire: Machine Arcturus at Mahlek
Dam: Mahlek Delu

About Tesla


Arwen vom Emsland at Valkyrie

Born: 27/06/2017
Hips: 3-7
Elbows: 0 - 0
Eyes: Clear
Gonioscopy: Grade 1
DM: Clear
OSD3: Clear
Embark Tested

Sire: Honiahaka Follow Your Dreams  
 - Northern Inuit Dog

Dam: Chani vom Muesterland 
 - Tamaskan Dog


This litter will be an F2 Northern Inuit Litter with 75% original Northern Inuit Lines.  We are happy that Stormswift allows us to use Taro on Tesla and are looking forward to these pups. They are an excellent match for each other, and we have fallen in love with Taro's calm, laid-back personality!

We expect a wolf content below 10% but still present.   

Colours: This litter will most likely have Light to Dark timbers, and we might have bi-eyed or blue-eyed pups. 

Do you sell puppies abroad?
Yes, we do accept international applications. Please join the waiting list or contact us for more information, or if you have any questions.

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