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Ambrakir River

About Selune

Breed: Northern Inuit Dog
Breeder: Ambrakir Northern Inuits, Essex, England.

Nicknames: Loonie, Loonsa-Loon, Loon-Loon, Her Royal Highness

Sire: Mahlek Ochi Memorian Bono Fractre at Honiahaka (Ochi) 
Dam: Ambrakir Against All Odds

Selune is our first dog and Northern Inuit. We picked her up at her breeder, Ambrakir Northern Inuits in Essex, UK at eight weeks and drove her to Gothenburg, Sweden.

We all stayed in Gothenburg for roughly a year until Cecilia got a job in Cambridge, UK, so we made the whole journey again, but the other way.

Selune used to be quite nervous about people and new things, so we decided to take her to the Honiahaka Breed stands and also start with Dog Parkour, both of which have brought her out of her shell. We have done activities with her, such as Cani Cross and Paddleboarding. She loves to train and be active when she isn’t hogging the sofa for the remaining 20 hours of the day.

At four years of age, she, unfortunately, broke one of her toes and had to rest for more than ten weeks. We haven’t been able to be as active since, but the goal is to come back to both parkour and Cani Cross activities.

Today, Selune is our trusted office dog and spends most of her days asleep on one of the many sofas in the house. She also let us know when it's feeding time and walking time. She is a special girl in many ways with her set routines. 

Photo by Salli Gainsford,

Born: 14/06/2013

Colour: Timber

Eyes: Light Amber

Weight: 32kg

Registered with: Northern Inuit Society – NIS: 5404


Northern Inuit

Fun Facts:

Favourite Food: Pancakes and Schmackos.
Loves: To sleep, Car rides, Running and SNOW!
Hates: Having her nails cut, l
oud banging noises, annoying puppies, and mummy going somewhere without her.
Favourite Music: Metal with lots of electric guitars.
Least favourite music: Savage Garden, bagpipe metal (that is not electric guitars) and Einstürzende Neubauten.



Here are several photos of Selune doing various kinds of activities. All from Cani Cross to Parkour and Paddle Boarding.

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