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Getting a puppy from us

Before you get a wolfalike type dog, make sure that you read up as much as possible about them. We are always here to answer your questions before and after you decide to get one of these fantastic dogs. We will find out for you if we don’t know the answer. We offer lifelong support and help with anything that might occur.

We also require you to fill in an application to be on our waiting list, and you will be contacted back as soon as possible. We require that you visit us and our pack if you live in the UK and Europe. For those living further away, we will ask you to contact a representative living in that country.

We are prepared to ship puppies abroad and the buyer's expense. This includes the cost of any health tests required, rabies vaccination etc.  

As these dogs can be a handful to own and can test the most experienced dog owner, there is something you have to do as a puppy owner of a Valkyrie puppy.

Boundaries – Training – Socialisation - Exercise!

These four things are essential to get a well-rounded dog. If you don’t prepare to dedicate time and effort to do these things, I am afraid these dogs are not for you.

We favour people who like to do something with their dogs, such as various types of training, Cani cross, scent work, rally-o, etc.


These dogs are intelligent and will test the boundaries even as puppies. You might come into the kitchen one day and find your puppy standing on the counter. Start with setting firm rules and teach the puppy from a young age what it’s allowed to do and not.


We recommend “life skills for puppies”, It’s easy to teach a puppy to sit, but
Life skills for puppies will help you to show your pup to take it easy in busy environments.

Training is essential to get a well-rounded pup. We will help you find a good puppy class if you can’t find one. Please note that puppy classes are not the same as puppy socialisation.

These dogs are sensitive, so positive reinforcement is recommended. If you use a too-firm hand, these dogs might shut down.


Take advantage of socialisation classes. If you have a doggy daycare, ask if your young dog can be there at least once a week. Older dogs will learn your pup's boundaries and what it is allowed to do – and your dog will learn to be around dogs of all ages, sexes and breeds.

Take your pup to a dog-friendly pub and learn that it’s okay to get greeted and petted by many people, and when you greet people, you have to do it in a calm, friendly manner.


It’s very easy to over-exercise these dogs as they grow fast. As a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t give these puppies more than 5 minutes on lead walk per month of age. They can rumble and tumble off lead for longer, but watch out for signs of the pup becoming tired.  If they lay down, perhaps it’s time to return home for some rest. 

We don’t agree on tired these dogs out with exercise. They get tired quicker with mental training. If the pup is hyper, it might need to do brain games for a while. They can also be overtired and need to calm down. Putting the pup on a lead while you are chilling on the sofa makes them realise that they can't keep themselves awake by running around, getting out of options on what to do and will realise they are tired and will eventually fall asleep.

They still grow until two to three years of age, so if you like to do activities such as pulling or Cani Cross, we don’t recommend you start with the training until they are at least 18 months old. We can help you get started with both if you need any assistance. 

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