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Getting a puppy from us


If you are considering getting a Northern Inuit dog or a wolfalike type dog, it is important to do your research beforehand. We are available to answer any questions you may have both before and after you decide to get one of these amazing dogs. In the event that we do not have an answer to your question, we will find out for you. We are committed to providing lifelong support and assistance with any issues that may arise.

You'll need to fill out an application to be added to our waiting list.  We do understand that our location makes it hard for people to visit, and we have changed our policy from a mandatory visit to a video call.
For those who want to visit us, Aberdeen Airport is the closest, and the closest train station is Stonehaven. We will pick you up and have a guest room available. 

After receiving your application, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions.

Puppy Transport!


Due to our quite northern location in the UK, we are willing to deliver the puppy to you!

We will take responsibility for ensuring safe and secure transport by transporting the pup ourselves. This will give us the opportunity to meet you in person, hand over the puppy pack, and go through the necessary paperwork.

Do you send puppies abroad?
We are willing to ship puppies overseas, but the buyer must bear the expenses. This includes the cost of necessary health tests, rabies vaccinations, etc.
Puppies sold to the EU have to wait until they are 15 weeks before they can travel abroad.


We can help book the overseas transport, but you have to travel to us and collect the puppy.

We cannot sell puppies to locations or countries where wolf dogs and/or any of the breeds that the puppy consists of are prohibited.

Puppy Life at Valkyrie

All puppies at Valkyrie Northern Inuits and Wolfalikes are brought up in a home environment following the Puppy Culture program. They will get used to the everyday life of a busy household and be exposed to all the sounds and sights you can expect.

All of our puppies undergo a thorough health check and no puppy will leave until they are given a clean bill of health. At 8 weeks, all puppies will be taken to a vet for their vaccination, microchipping, and examination. We also make sure to worm the puppies every few weeks starting from birth using Panacur.


Our puppies are being raised on a high-quality puppy food, and we gradually also wean them onto a raw diet. This allows potential owners the option to choose their preferred feeding regime. We understand that not everyone is able to feed their dogs raw.


The pups will be brought up to get used to vacuum cleaners, lawnmowers, TV. Various kind of music including everything from Opera, Metal music, Bagpipes, Jazz, Goth and Techno to everyday radio.  They will also have access to an enclosure in the garden if the weather allows.


Puppies will come home with the following: 

  • A collar and lead

  • A Valkyrie tag

  • 4 Weeks of free insurance with PetPlan

  • A small bag of dog food

  • Blanket/vet bed with mum's scent.

  • Toys, including the signature "Valkyrie Rat"

  • Puppy Care Advice leaflet

  • 5-gen pedigree from the International Wolfalike Companion Registry and a list of the parent's health results.

  • lifelong support from us

  • and much, much more!

Puppy Life Gallery

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