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How it all started...

The Wolfalike type of dog that we see in the UK today originates due to a woman in the 80's having a dream about a type of dog that had the look of a wolf but all the characteristics of a domestic dog.


This woman was Edwina "Eddie" Harrison, and without her input and work, none of the Wolfalike Type dogs we see today would ever have existed. There are no records saved of what dogs and breeds these original dogs were, but it's said that she imported sledge dog-type dogs from the US and mixed them with Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute and German Shepherd.

Sadly Edwina's health failed, and in the mid '90s, some of these original foundation dogs were saved, and The Northern Inuit Society of Great Britain was formed to preserve her work. After a few years, a few breeders left The Northern Inuit Society and formed "Utonagan" due to a disagreement. The Northern Inuit Society dropped the of Great Britain and has remained to this day.

The Utonagan saw a similar split up where another Wolfalike breed was formed, The Tamaskan. The Tamaskan has the most international presence than any of the other Wolfalike breeds. Today there are several breed organisations for the Tamaskan Dog.

After the Utonagan left the Northern Inuit Society, several other groups split off due to disagreements. Some of these are the British Inuit, The British Timberdog, and The Anglo Wulfdog, to mention a few. 

Today, many groups and breeders have dropped their newfound names and labelled these dogs with the type "wolfalike".


Despite their differences, all these different offshoot breeds and groups have one thing in common. To keep Edwina's dream alive to create a wolf-look-like type dog for the sofa.

Here at Valkyrie Northern Inuits and Wolfalikes, we are trying to keep this dream alive.

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