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About Us

In 2023, the Valkyrie Northern Inuits and Wolfalikes moved from Cambridge to the North East Cairngorms National Park in Scotland. Our home is an old steading that has been converted into a spacious house which we share with two friends and their two dogs. We are fortunate to have a large, enclosed garden where our dogs can roam freely, and we also have access to vast forests where we can take beautiful walks with our four-legged friends.


In our capacity as a small, personal breeder, we aim to have only one litter per year, provided we have enough people on our waiting list, or we want to keep a puppy from that particular breeding.

Cecilia “Cicci” Engdahl


Growing up in Sweden, I developed a deep appreciation for nature due to the influence of my parents and grandparents. They often took my brother and me into the forest to gather wild berries and mushrooms. During elk hunting season, our family would come together to divide the meat. These experiences have instilled valuable skills that have stayed with me throughout my life.

Ever since I was young, I had a fascination for wolves which stayed with me throughout my childhood and beyond. At only 14 years old, I became

one of the youngest individuals in Sweden to be certified as a wolf tracker for conservation purposes. A few years later, I was honoured to become a Swedish Carnivore Association board member.

At the age of 15, I attended one of the inaugural Wolf Symposiums in Sweden and continued to do so for several years, where I had the opportunity to meet with wolf scientists from around the globe. My aspiration was to become a wolf scientist.

I started studying Biology at the University of Gothenburg, but things didn't always go as planned. After taking several detours, I eventually pursued my passion for art and ended up studying Digital Design for Print and Web, as well as Web Development. Today, I work as a Web Developer for a worldwide software company.

Over the years, I have maintained my love for wolves. In 2010, my good friend Maria Högberg and I discovered a dog breed that resembled wolves, called the "Northern Inuit Dog". Despite my familiarity with Arctic breeds, this was a breed that neither of us were aware of. We conducted thorough research and visited "Honiahaka Northern Inuits" in June 2010. Although they were said to have no wolf content, we were immediately captivated by them. After careful consideration, my husband and I decided that we needed to have one of our own.

Maria and Leif brought Cafall into their lives just over a year later. Spending time with him made Andreas and me realize that this was the breed of dog for us. Since neither my husband nor I had ever owned a dog before, we spent a lot of time researching and learning about the breed. In the summer of 2013, we imported our puppy, Selune, from the UK to Sweden when she was just 8 weeks old (the rules were different back then). We started taking her to training classes as soon as possible, and we've learned a lot about dog ownership from her.


In 2014, I was offered a job as a web developer in Cambridge, UK. So my husband, my beloved dog, and I moved across Europe to pursue a lifelong dream. Since then, I've gained even more knowledge about these amazing dogs and have developed a new dream of breeding them. With my expertise, I hope to improve the breed and educate others about wolf-like dogs.


In early 2023, we moved to Scotland because we missed the Swedish nature with pine and spruce forests and mountains. Additionally, the summers in Cambridge were becoming too hot for us and our pack.

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