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Honiahaka Nova Jewel In The Crown @ Valkyrie

About Tiabeanie

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Breed: Northern Inuit F3, 87.5% original  NI Lines.
Breeder: Honiahaka Northern Inuits, Essex, England

Nicknames: Beanie, Beanie-Bean, Bean, Beanie Baby, Boing-boing.

Sire: Olderhill Alpha Draco (Draco) - British Wolfalike
Dam: Honiahaka Santa Baby (Eden) - Northern Inuit Dog

In 2012, my husband and I placed ourselves on the Honiahaka Northern Inuits' waiting list, but we haven't yet had a dog with the Honiahaka name. 

We never bred Selune, but we wanted to breed from that line in the future. We love our little Loon's quirks, and we also see plenty of those quirks in her niece, Artemis. Artemis's mum, Eden, and Selune share the same dad, Ochi. 


When we discovered that Tracey would breed Eden one last time with Draco, we told her we wanted to go on that puppy list to have a female to (eventually) breed from. 

That is how Tiabeanie ended up with us. She shows many similarities with her "Aunt" Selune, even more with her big (half) sister Artemis.  

Beanie is a bold and fearless pup, sometimes a bit too sassy for her good, but she has slotted into this pack perfectly.


Beanie is a carer and wants to make sure everyone is all right. Humans as dogs.  



Born: 21/09/2022

Colour: Apricot Timber

Eyes: Amber

Weight: TBA
Registered with: International Wolfalike Companion Registry – I.W.C.R:0013-22

Health Results

Hips: BVA 4-3

Elbows: BVA 0-0

Eyes: TBA 2024

Gionoscopy: TBA 2024

DM: Tested Carrier

OSD3:Tested Clear

Embark DNA: Tested Clear 

Baby Tiabeanie at Honiahaka

Beanie growing up!

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