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Puppy Life at Valkyrie

All puppies at Valkyrie Northern Inuits and Wolfalikes are brought up in a home environment following the Puppy Culture program. They will get used to the everyday life of a busy household and exposed to all sounds and sights that you can expect.


No pup will leave without a clean bill of health and all pups will see a vet at 8 weeks for their jab, microchipping and exam. The puppies will be wormed every few weeks from birth as well with Panacur.

We are raising our pups on a high quality puppy food, and we wean them on to raw to give a future owner the possibility to choose what feeding regime they want to follow.  We realise that not everyone is in the position to feed their dogs raw.


The pups will be brought up to get used to vacuum cleaners, lawnmowers, TV. Various kind of music including everything from Opera, Metal music, Bagpipes, Jazz, Goth and Techno to everyday radio.  They will also have access to an enclosure in the garden if the weather allows.  


Puppy life Gallery

Puppies will come home with the following: 

  • A collar and lead

  • A Valkyrie tag

  • 4 Weeks of free insurance with PetPlan

  • A small bag of dog food

  • Blanket/vet bed with mum's scent.

  • Toys

  • Puppy Care Advice leaflet

  • 5-gen pedigree from the International Wolfalike Companion Registry and a list of the parent's health results.

  • and much more

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