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Arwen vom Emsland

About Tesla


Breed: Northern Inuit Dog x Tamaskan Dog
Breeder: Wolfalike vom Emsland, Germany

Nicknames: Tessi, Tessi-tess, Tessli,

Sire: Honiahaka Follow Your Dreams (Finn) - Northern Inuit Dog
Dam: Chani vom Muesterland (Laika) - Tamaskan Dog

After 3 years we figured it was time for Selune to get a little sister. We approached Tracey at Honiahaka and found out she needed a breeding home for a Finn puppy which was a result of an outcross mating with a Tamaskan bitch from Germany. 


Born: 27/06/2017

Colour: Dark Timber

Eyes: Dark Amber – Light Amber (bi-eyed)

Weight: 32kg

Registered with: International Wolfalike Companion Registry – I.W.C.R:0006-17

Health Results

Hips: BVA 3-7, total 10

Elbows: BVA 0-0

Eyes: Tested Clear

Gionoscopy:Tested, Grade 1

DM: Tested Clear

OSD3:Tested Clear

Embark DNA: Tested Clear 


German Shepherd Dog

Alaskan Malamute

Siberian Husky
Saarloos Wolfdog

Gray Wolf


Fun Facts:

Favourite Food: Cheese,  Carrots, Sausages and Fries. (Not Sweet Potatoe Fries, yuck) did we mention Cheese?
Loves: Being at the pub with daddy, tummy rubs, her Dutch Family.
Hates: Having her nails cut, thermometers, when daddy leaves for work.
Favourite Music: Epic Metal!
Least favourite music: nothing...ska perhaps?

Puppy Tesla

Tesla up to 8 weeks at her breeder in Germany

Tesla in the Netherlands

As Tesla couldn’t come to the UK intil she was 15 weeks and had her rabies vaccination done, my very good friend and owner of Teslas Dad Finn Judy and her family took care of Tesla these first weeks. We are forever grateful that they took so good care of her. Tesla will always have her extra dutch family and each time she see them again, she greet them with much joy! <3

Tesla growing up!

These are photos of Tesla from when she came to us until today.

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