Nanuq has found a new home!! 

Valkyrie Leeroy Jenkins the Paladin


By no fault of his own, one of Tesla’s pups has returned to us.

You can read a bit about his parents here Planned Litter 2020 Tesla x Kaos.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the intended home for Nanuq fell through. Do you have room on your sofa for this extremely cuddly boy?
He requires prior experiences with Northern Inuits and/or Czeck WolfDogs.

Nanuq is a cuddly boy who just reached 8 months. He is just about to hit puberty and needs an experienced owner that can guide him through the coming months of his life.

Nanuq grew up in a family and is used to children. We are not sure if he’s used to cats and small pets. We would however advise that he end up in a home with older children as he can be a bit boisterous when playing. Nanuq seems to bond stronger with men than women, and people are important to him so he suffers a bit from separation anxiety when someone leaves the house.

Nanuq is a quick learner, when he wants to listen, and would be perfect for someone with lots of patience who want to do some activities such as Cani Cross, Agility, Dog Parkour or Rally-O as he is very food motivated.

His recall could be improved and at the moment. We’ve had him off lead together with Selune and Aliy and he follows them around – but a new owner would probably need to keep him on a long line in the beginning until he has settled in.

Nanuq walks nicely on the lead but pulls when he gets excited. In comparison to our other dogs, he pulls less than them.

He adapted quickly to our pack and is respectful of the older dogs but can be a bit full-on with someone of similar age as him. We would love that Nanuq ends up in a home with older suitable dogs, such as neutered males or females that are used to telling boisterous youngsters off. Nanuq likes to push the older dog’s buttons and doesn’t quite get it when they tell him to back off. He needs someone with a lot of patience that can teach him boundaries We will pay a lot of attention to the dogs in the new home and that match is more important than anything else.

Nanuq staying at ours.

Nanuqs puppy pictures growing up.