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Due to no fault of his own, Nanuq has once again returned to us.

His new family gave him a wonderful home and put a whole lot of effort in training to shape him into the totally amazing boy he is today. Unfortunately, his separation anxiety, together with life changes outside their control, meant they had to give him up and let us re-home him.

Nanuq is an extremely cuddly boy who is 14 months old and in the midst of puberty. He goes well together with females, like his mum Tesla, sister Aliy and “aunty” Selune as well as our friend’s dog Artemis, but can be a bit grumbly with other males due to being an uncastrated teenage boy.
We would recommend that he got chemically castrated until it’s time for him to do the real deal.

Nanuq is really well-trained who walks nicely on the lead after some initial excitement. He waits politely for his food and knows our routine of waiting and giving paw before it’s time to eat. While I’m working from home, he usually settles down by my chair or on the sofa. At bedtime, he sleeps with us in our bedroom, either on the floor or on one of our dog beds. He has learned that when the light is off, it’s time to go to sleep. All in all, he is a fantastic dog that would suit any family with children over 10 years old as he grew up in a family and is used to family life.

Nanuq loves people and thinks everyone wants to say hello. We use pubs for socialisation practice and he loves it. He settles quickly while still being curious and wants to greet anyone that passes by.
He gives amazing cuddles, and if you feel upset, he comes up to you for hugs.

We want to emphasise that he has severe separation anxiety and needs a home where he isn’t left alone and got someone that is willing to work on this issue. He could be the only dog, or have an older calm female as company that could serve as a role model.

Nanuq staying at ours June 2021

Nanuq staying at ours in December – January 2020/2021

Nanuqs puppy pictures growing up.