Breeding plans and goals

During my time at University, I quite enjoyed the genetic classes and this knowledge is something I take with me when breeding. Our primary goal is not only to lower the inbreeding coefficient in these dogs but also to preserve the fantastic temperament and looks. We also want to try to “breed boys with balls” as cryptorchidism is an ongoing issue within the wolfalike type dog. The health of the dog as well as temperament needs to come before anything else. We can not breed for the sake of breeding without thinking about future generations and creating genetic bottlenecks, but also the future owners of our dogs. We can not breed dogs that will be hard to keep and handle for the everyday person. At the end of the day, the main goal that the founder of the type was a “wolf for the sofa”, and that is what we should aim for.

We do all health testing possible to try to breed as healthy dogs as possible, and if you look at each dogs page you can see their health results. We strive to be transparent and open with any issues that might occur and are always looking for new tests and proactively looking to improve the wolfalike type dog.

Even though we don’t call our dogs wolfdogs, we can’t say they are without wolf content. We make sure both parents are DNA tested with a company called “Embark Vet” which will give us the precentage of the dog breeds as well as wolf content in each animal.  As we can’t guarentee that DNA tests will show that our wolfalikes will be completely free from any wolf content we do not sell puppies to people that lives in countries or regions where wolf dogs are banned.

Even if a puppy will be of a low-no wolf precentage “on paper” (you take both parents wolf content, add those together, take the sum and devide it in 2 to get the theoretical wolf content.)

Example, parent 1 8% wolf + parent 2 16% wolf would be= 24% combined.  24/2=12% teoretical wolf content of offspring.

However, nature is never this exact, but more random. A pup can be as high as 24%, or as low as 0% depending on which genes they get.
We tend to explain this using something called the “marble effect”, where different coloured marbles represent the wolf/dog content.

This also illustrate that all pups in a litter can have different content, depending on which marbles nature decide to pick from the bowl that represent the combined DNA (here marbles) from the parents.

Planned Litter 2020

We at Valkyrie Wolfalikes are very honoured that we can use Kaos for this mating with Tesla.

This mating will be a linebreeding of the Olderhill lines. We are hoping to bring a great dose of the looks from the Olderhill into the Wolfalike type dog, together with the outcross blood from the Tamaskan and Muesterland as well as the excellent, fantastic temperament from the renowned and famous Honiahaka lines making this the wolfalike litter worth waiting for.  

We are expecting “medium”-sized puppies in a wide range of colours, but you never know with the genetic lottery. 

The genetic COI of the litter will be %, and Wrights Cofficency over 10 generations will be 6%

On paper, the litter will have the following markup, but these might vary depending on how the genes play.

48.3% GSD

18.05% Husky

16.45% Mal

15.1% Wolf

2.1% Samoyed

If you are interested in joining our waiting list, please visit for more information. International applicants welcomed!