Valkyrie Lavendel the Sorceress

about Aliy

Breed: Wolfalike
Breeder: Homebred by us here at Valkyrie Wolfalikes

Aliy is a not so little chatterbox who we decided to keep from our first litter. She captured our hearts from birth and became quickly Cicci’s mother’s favourite.  Cicci roughly translated the colour of her collar to “Lavendel” in Swedish (Lavender), which her mum has been referring Aily to since. Hence she got “Lavendel” as her pedigree name.

Aliy has been tested by Embark and the results came back clear of 193 tested conditions.


Aliys pedigree

Pedigree for Valkyrie Adventurers Litter


D.O.B 04/04/2020
Colour Light Timber
Eyes Blue
Height — cm
 Weight — kg


Hips: TBA 2021
Elbows: TBA 2021
Eyes: 2021: Tested Clear
Gionoscopy: 2021: Tested Clear, Grade 0
DM: Tested, clear.
OSD3: Clear by parentage, ought to be tested 2021
Embark DNA: Tested, clear of 193 tested conditions.
Registered with: I.W.C.R:0017-20