About us

Valkyrie Wolfalikes is located in a village a bit north of Cambridge, UK.  We live in a detached house with a MASSIVE fenced-in garden where the dogs got free range to run about.  As a small hobby breeder, we try to have one litter per year and only if we have enough people on our waiting list or if we want to keep a pup from that specific mating.

At the moment we have three girls living with us.

Selune, our oldest girl, spoiled rotten and she is a mummy’s girl. She loves to sleep, preferably on one of “her” sofas in the house.  She has competed with Cicci in Cani Cross and done both Doggy Parkour as well as SUP.

Tesla, born in Germany and lived for her first months with our Dutch friends in The Hague before she moved to us. She loves daddy and observing the world in our garden. She got her first litter of 10 pups in 2020 and we are not mating her again until 2022.

Aliy is from Teslas first litter. She was the only light grey in the whole litter and became quickly Ciccis favourite (shhh she says she didn’t have any favourites 😉 )  Aliys captive ice blue eyes really stand out. If she passes all her health tests we are planning a litter from her 2023.

The dogs are a part of our family and allowed on our, sorry Selunes, sofas and Aliy love to sleep at the end of the bed. We try to include them in as many activities as we can. If it’s not going to dog-friendly pups, it’s for a walk. camping or a holiday to Sweden. It’s safe to say that our lives revolve around them.

Cecilia “Cicci” Engdahl

A native of Sweden I have been out in nature since before I could walk. My parents, as well as grandparents, took my brother and me out in the forest to forage for berries and mushrooms. One of my earliest memories is when the family gathered at elk hunting time to divide the slaughtered meat between us – and this is skills I will always bring with me in life. You don’t get faint-hearted.

Since a young age, I have always been interested in wolves, something that would colour youth. At the young age of 14, I was one of the youngest certified wolf tracker (for conservation purposes), and a few years later, I became a board member of the Swedish Carnivore Association. When I was 15, I participated in one of the first annual Wolf Symposiums in Sweden and did so for a few years meeting wolf scientists from all over the world. My goal was to become a wolf scientist!
I began to study Biology at the University of Gothenburg and did so for a few years.

However, life doesn’t always go according to plan. After a lot of detours, I, via my artistic interest, ended up studying Digital Design for Print and Web as well as Web Development and today I am a Web Developer for a global software company.
Throughout all these years my love for wolves remained, and that lead me and my very good friend Maria Högberg to find a wolf looking dog breed in 2010 called “Northern Inuit Dog”.
I thought I knew of all Arctic breeds out there and as none of us had heard of this breed before we began researching and in June 2010 we visited “Honiahaka Northern Inuits”. These dogs said to be of no wolf content, and they took us with storm! My husband and I said that we have to get one!
Maria and Leif got Cafall a little more than a year later, and after spending time with him, Andreas and I knew this was the breed for us.

As my husband nor I had owned a dog before we did a lot of reading up and studying the breed until we summer of 2013 imported our girl “Selune” from the UK to Sweden at the age of 8 weeks (the rules was different then) We took her to classes as early as possible. We have learnt a lot about owning a dog from her. 2014 I got offered a position as a Web developer in Cambridge, UK and packed down my beloved dog as well as husband and moved across Europe to pursue a life long dream.
Since then I have learnt even more about these fantastic dogs and got a new dream, to breed these tremendous dogs and with my knowledge try to improve the breed as well as educate people about the wolfalike type dog.