It’s time for Pup of the Day!
Today it’s Mr Yellow! Mr Yellow is the pup that you will find racing around the whelping pen or burying himself under the vetbed in the corner. Due to his activities, he didn’t put on so much weight the first days, but he seems to have realised that you should do two important things as a young pup. Eat and sleep, not doing zoomies around the whelping pen. He has since caught up with the rest of the pups and this morning he weighed in at 970grams. Will he be 1000grams or 1kg by the evening? We’ll see.

Mr Yellow got a lovely dark colour which gets lighter by the day. Who’ll see what he’ll end up like?

We do not allocate pups at this age and there are only a few spaces left on the waiting list for both males and females from this litter! Please contact us for more information! 🙂