Today’s puppy is the lovely Miss Green!
Breeders talk about “garden puppies” who was born while the bitch was having a wee. Miss Green is our “hallway puppy”. She was in breech so we were struggling to get her out. Tracey suggested we would take Tesla for a walk in the garden and let gravity do its job. Gravity did a very good job and we managed just about 2 meters before she plopped out just outside the door of the whelping room. Our carpet will forever have a green stain reminding us of this event.
Miss Green got the most amazing coat and it’s hard to say which colour she will be. Today she weighs 840grams and is doing well.
We do not allocate pups at this age, but there is still space left on the waiting list for both males and females from this litter! Please contact us for more information! 🙂 

Here are some more photos from when we were cleaning the whelping box and all puppies were staying in the soft crate.