As promised, here is our second puppy of the day, Miss Purple!
Miss Purple is Tesla’s fourth puppy and the first one to be born at home. We had just got her out of the car when she decided to give birth at the porch, but I and Andreas managed to get her into the whelping box. We didn’t know what to do, it went so quick that we didn’t even have time to call Tracey so we had to trust that at least Tesla knew what she was doing, and she did.
Miss Purple really got a set of lungs and already she makes her opinion heard. She can scream the loudest when things don’t go her way (she get stuck) and sounds like a little Theremin (a music instrument) while eating.  Miss Purple got a fantastic mask and she might be a dark silver girl when growing up. We just have to wait and see.
This morning she was 660 grams.

We do not allocate pups at this age, but there is still space left on the waiting list for both males and females from this litter! Please contact us for more information! 

Here are some more photos from the whelping box.