Tesla was due the 7th of April, so we had just begun taking her morning/evening temperature when we noticed that it had dropped Friday morning. That can’t be! She is not due yet! We took it again, yep it had dropped which mean puppies within 24hrs.

We quickly assembled our whelping crew, Tracey on Skype and Maria arrived later in the evening. All through the day, we had a very restless Tesla on our hands, even if she mostly wanted to lay on the sofa panting. Hours passed and no puppies in sight. Friday became Sunday and we all waited for the labour to begin.

At 11am Saturday morning the labour began. Poor Tesla did her best to push out the first puppy but at 3pm we decided that she needed help so we went to our local vet.  We were prepared for a C Section (always fearing the worse) but after giving her a few injections with oxytocin she passed the first pup, a large boy in breach (of course) naturally. After that, she gave birth to two more pups at the vet before we picked her up.

We had barely arrived home before number 4 made its appearance. Tesla decided that giving birth on the porch was a good idea, but managed to get her in the whelping box. Me and Andreas helped Tesla deliver it and luckily she knew what she was doing as we hadn’t had the time to call Tracey for assistance.

A few more pups arrived without any bigger issues until it was time for number 9. Tesla fought to get it out, time passed. Around 1am Sunday morning we decided it was time for another trip to the vet and more oxytocin. Sadly this one didn’t make it as it was in breach and it took too long for it to be delivered. R.I.P little one. You were just too good and precious for this world. <3  We got a happy ending to this very long (and night) day as Tesla gave birth to yet another girl while being at the vets.

9 strong and healthy puppies at the end of this 40 hours something event.  After making sure they all fed as they should and Tesla was ok, Me and Maria went to bed at 4am Sunday morning the 5th  and left Andreas to puppy sit the rest of the night.

Thank you so much Tracey on Skype for all your help!  We couldn’t have done it without you. Also a big shout out to Maria who helped with driving, coffee, weighing etc and the crew at Village Vet Milton.