The long wait has begun!

I can’t believe it’s been a week already since the vet called me. “Tesla’s progesterone is 30.2, you have to mate her within 48 hours!” The very same morning got a message from Tracey that Eden was expecting her puppies within 24hours, so my plan was to head down to her after work to experience a whelping in person before it was time for Teslas.

What to do, I couldn’t take Tesla with me. She had gone from 6,8 to 30,2 in just a few days – because why do it according to the school book!?! Eventually, it was decided that I was to sit out this whelping and drive down to Tracey the following evening. (Eden gave birth to 8 fantastic puppies the following day! Congratulations Eden, Kaos, Tracey, Andy, Donna and Reuben!)

It was a short and sweet date. Tesla began flirting right away with Kaos and we had to peel them off each other while they had a play 😉
The mating occurred, and now we have to wait for three more weeks until we can scan her to see if there are small Teslas and Kaoses brewing.