The time has come to make it official!

All these past years of planning and studying will turn in to practice!  I am not going to lie and not say I am terrified, because I am. So much can go wrong, but I assume that’s the thing when you are going to breed. You can’t protect yourself from EVERYTHING, you can just do your best.

At this moment Tesla is in season, we are doing progesterone tests to see where she is, and she is not ready for mating yet. One of the hardest things is to find a reliable vet who does these tests. My regular vet did them, but I had a major problem getting the results back. Even if they are fantastic normally, I had to switch to another vet which has been great so far.  Who said it’s going to be easy and stress-free?

If you want to read more about this planned mating between Kaos and Tesla, visit my planned litter page.

A final note, this page is still in progress, so I will have more texts and sections showing up later!