The first time I met Tesla at her german breeder in 2017.

No matter if you already know us, or just found us, we welcome you to join us at Valkyrie on this journey! We are just about to embark on to the life-changing adventure of becoming dog breeders. It won’t be a smooth journey; I predict we will find lots of bumps in the road, forks where we might have to turn into a different direction than we originally planned, or even turn back to go forward.

We are in our early stages when I write this the page is still under construction, and I have just taken Tesla to the vets for yet another progesterone test. Time shall tell when she is ready to meet her boyfriend to be, and we can kick-off.

Last but not least, I have to say a massive Thank You! to Tracey Fowler at Honiahaka Northern Inuits, Wolfalikes and Wolfdogs – who will be my guide on this journey.